What is the Stem Cell?

Stem Cell Anti-aging technology

We have many types of cell existing in the human body. All new cells are born from a group of cells that have the great ability to replicate and diversify. This kind of cell is called a “stem cell”. The fertilized egg is the first stem cell that forms in a human being. It then differentiates to a variety of adult stem cells such as skin stem cells, muscle stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells and so on. They will individually develop to our skin, muscle, and blood cell. All the tissue and organs in human body are differentiated from the Stem Cells.

What is Stem Cell Secreted Factors? (SCSF)

Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) is a group of 200 kinds of natural proteins secreted from the stem cells. SCSF is the signal between cells on interaction, it plays the important role of regulation, activation and restoration of cells. Before the cell goes to differentiate to the other types of cells, or replicate to the same cell of itself, it needs the SCSF to “INITIATE” the chain of biochemical reaction. The SCSF not only increases the quantity of the new born cell, but also maintains the vitality of the cell. The SCSF balances the activities and functions between the cells in our bodies.

Why is the SCSF so important?

SCSF is the key to rejuvenation ! There are a variety of receptors on the cell membrane. These receptors are like many padlocks in need of the keys to unlock them. The SCSF plays the important role of the key to open the lock that initiates a chain of reaction in the cell such as replication and differentiation, to increase the quantity of cell, and also repair and regenerate the cells in the human body.

The causes of decreased Stem cell and SCSF

The causes of skin aging can be discussed in two parts. One being an internal cause of the human body, such as natural aging of cells and the genetic inheritance. The other one is an external cause such as environmental irritation and the UV light that causes the most severe damage to the skin.