Mrs. Lin

I go exercising in the park every day. I don’t wear makeup and I don’t have any skin care routine. I used to feel that I had a good skin and so didn’t need one. I also didn’t wear sunscreen because I disliked the feeling of something sticky on my face. As I grew older, I found more patches on my skin and noticed my skin tone was darker. In addition, my skin became dry and rough due to menopause. I've used some anti-aging cream in the past that worked for as long as I had the cream on my face. However, as soon as I washed my face, the dryness returned. A while ago, my daughter brought home a set of amazing stem cell products. She'd found it on the internet, and the product was made by a biotechnology company. Prior to that, I never knew anything about stem cell and its relationship with body aging. But, after my daughter explained it to me, I realized how unique this anti-aging product was. In just three days of use, I could feel the change! I used it every night before sleeping. I sprayed it 5 or 6 times, patted gently and allowed the skin to absorb it. In the morning, I washed my face and was surprised to find it getting brighter. I was most impressed that it worked perfectly even on a cold stress day. There were days I went exercising as usual and didn’t apply any moisturizer on my face, but my skin didn’t even get dry. My skin looks and feels healthier. I hope more people get to know about the tremendous benefits of stem cell. I still use Silkah products till date and I am more than satisfied with how great my skin has improved. My deepest gratitude goes out to my beautiful daughter without whom I wouldn’t look this good and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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