Mr. Tu

I’ve been working in the automotive industry for about 20 years, and I currently work with Fortune Motors as a Sales Rep. As a guy, I didn’t have any skin care routine and never bothered about caring for my skin. After my son was born, I decided to become a vegetarian. As expected, I became thinner and had a slim face. The skin on my face became loose and my wrinkles were obvious. Many people who knew me said I looked very old. Even though I've always had obvious fine lines near the corner of my mouth and forehead, I often wondered whether becoming a vegetarian and losing weight dramatically deepened those lines. My wife was very worried about my skin condition. A friend of hers shared information about Frozen 18 on Facebook and she was convinced that this was the right product for improving my poor skin condition. Like I said earlier, I never cared about my skin. Even when my wife complained about my dry face and tried to give me some cream, I would refuse any kind of treatment. To me, skin care was "a woman's thing". Eventually, I decided to give Frozen 18 a try. The first thing I noticed and liked about it was that it had the texture of cool water; like it had just been taken out from the fridge. My wife helped spray it on my face, patting gently, and it was easily absorbed by the skin. There was no sticky feeling or any allergic reaction. Frozen 18 was easy to use and pretty cool. In the first two weeks of using the product, my face was brighter, clearer and smoother. In addition, someone told me that soaking the cotton pad with Frozen 18 and applying it on the skin twice or thrice weekly would double the effect and I did this. I only put wet cotton pads on deep lines like the forehead, wrinkles under eyes, and smile lines. After a month, my fine lines significantly reduced, even my wife noticed. I teased my wife that she should be worried I was getting too handsome, but she laughed and said my looking better made her happier. Frozen 18 worked great on me and reduced my fine lines a lot. The only thing I wasn't particularly fond of was the smell. Perhaps it was due to my vegetarian lifestyle, it had a strong smell of egg white that didn’t really go down well with me. However, it didn’t bother my wife at all. I'd like to thank my wife for helping me take care of my skin (she’s so proud of my new look). I would love to recommend Frozen 18 to any man who has similar problems like me. You'll appreciate how easy skin care can be after using it.

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