Ms. Kuo

Last year I had a deep scar on my nose due to herpes. To reduce the scar, I went for laser treatment for about six months but nothing changed. Before the laser treatment, I had only two tiny round scars on my nose but they became obvious after the procedures. My doctor said it was because my nose had more sebaceous glands, and so was more difficult to smoothen the scars. He said I needed to laser a larger area of the nose for the skin to become smooth again. After several unsuccessful laser treatments, I completely lost hope for a cure and that’s how the deep and ugly scars on my nose remained. Fortunately, I got introduced to Silkah Frozen by a lady called Ms. Lin. I would normally buy skin care products from her and I trusted her judgment. I bought two sets of Silkah Frozen immediately. I didn’t see a lot of changes in the first month because the root cause of my scars and wrinkles were quite different from the norm. However, by the second month, my scars smoothened out a little. My confidence returned! I knew it would take a while for my scars to recede, I didn’t mind at all. Because compared to the deep wounds made by laser treatments and the recovering time, Silkah Frozen was much easier, convenient, safer and cost-effective. I will keep using Silkah Frozen. Furthermore, I applied Silkah Frozen on the acnes on my back and found some improvement. How amazing!

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