I started to concern of the wrinkles on my face even before I reached my thirty birthday. I updated a status on Facebook about that without a hope there will be a way to make it better, especially the ones on my forehead. They got worse after I gave birth my little one two years ago. By then I felt my face looked like ten years older than my age. My father has the same wrinkles on his forehead, so I thought as it is genetic there is not much I can do about it. Only until I met Silkah Frozen 18 that my mind changed. As a breastfeeding mom, I checked the safety of this product for the sake of my boy. I got a clear explanation that it is safe used both during pregnancy and nursing. Therefore, I used it immediately. I could feel the difference was happening on my skin since the first day of usage. My skin became firm after the first night of application. After a week not only that my skin felt tighten but I could feel my skin shone brightly. Sadly, my forehead still looked like dry-orange-peel. Meanwhile the skin around my cheeks felt tender which I felt every time my skin gets dry or using skin care product. As I didn’t see it affected my skin in bad way, I kept push myself to keep on the regime every night, my dedication was paid up. My forehead looked younger in the second week and, definitely, the wrinkles appeared much less. It takes three steps to use this product. Mix Frozen 18 activator and Frozen 18; Shake until the later dissolved; Spray and path it gently on my face. Done! I found mixing them was troublesome at first because skincare that I knew normally only took one-step-application. Though, it got easier after a few days, and not a trouble at all as I found it magical as it was like a destiny for me to bear the wrinkles. Now, I know there is always a hope! One day a granny I met on an MRT asked my age when I held my baby. She was surprised when hearing my answer, and said I am younger than my age! What a compliment! Silkah Frozen 18, indeed, works for my sensitive stubborn wrinkles!

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