Mrs. Lin

My mother is a 65-year-old woman whose daily skin care routine is applying toner, serum, and lotion. She is not very fond of having a greasy, sticky feeling on her face and so she hates using sunscreen or products with a dense texture. As a result, she had fine lines all over her face due to dryness. In addition, she's traveled a lot in recent years which loosened her facial skin, made her face look dull and deepened her wrinkles. I used to buy loads of anti-wrinkle skin care products for my mother, however, no matter the serum or cream I bought, nothing really worked. Rather, it became an added burden to her skin, causing break out of acnes and little bumps. One day, Ms. Lin introduced my mom to Silkah Frozen. At the beginning, she had doubts whether it was another greasy skin care product. Luckily, Silkah Frozen 18 has a very smooth texture, which was light and refreshing. She also used Silkah moisturizer, which was burden-free as well. Since then, she discarded other skin care products. Silkah was definitely simple and comfortable for her to use. In only a few weeks of applying Frozen 18, I could tell my mom’s crow’s feet reduced from 2 to 3 deep lines to light lines and her skin glowed. We found it really astonishing to see Silkah eliminated deep and light wrinkles, like crow’s feet in such a short time. I can't thank Ms. Lin enough for showing us the way. We are indeed happy and will surely continue to use Silkah Frozen and Silkah Moisturizer to reduce fine lines and maintain skin elasticity.

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