The Wu sisters


Older sister:

I’m a busy mother of three lovely children. My priorities sort of changed as I got older. I opened a clothing store for teenage girls a few years ago and a lot of efforts went into its operation. I particularly took care of my looks and appearance so as to better interact with my customers and enable me to serve them better. Today, two of my daughters are happily married and have families of their own. I am content and happy and don’t need to be worried about work anymore, finally. Even though I am now a grandma, I don’t want people to think of me as old. I had a lot of fine lines, especially around the eyes and the neck and I didn’t know how to reduce the wrinkles. By chance, my former customer and friend introduced this stem cell skin care product to me. That was my first of hearing about the product but I reluctantly decided to give it a try. To my greatest surprise, the outcome was dazzling! Initially, I felt a bit tense after applying it because it was absorbed by the skin easily but it wasn’t greasy at all. A month later, my skin was radiant, even my son said I looked great! The most obvious improvement was my necklines, all the lines became less visible and I had smoother skin. Though not all the fine lines vanished, I’m satisfied with the progress.

Younger sister:

I’m a housewife as well and even though my husband wasn’t always around, I always took care of my skin. Everyday after a shower, I spent a lot of time applying 5 to 6 kinds of skin care products. Choosing the right products also consumed lots of time, but nothing I used really improved my skin condition. I got to know about this amazing stem cell skin care products through my sister. Like her, I had concerns about my necklines. Silkah has a fragrance unlike any other skin care products I've used before, but that didn’t bother me much. I was just in love with the simplicity of how it's used. One day my husband came home and said my skin looked radiant and smoother. I didn’t believe him until I looked myself in the mirror and saw my skin glowing. The most surprising part was my necklines. I didn’t expect the wrinkles on my neck to reduce because I have this habit of lowering my head all the time. A product successfully reducing necklines makes me full of expectations.

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