Frozen 18 by Silkah is a product that claims to rejuvenate your skin with its ingredients. It did just that after only six weeks of using Frozen 18 by Silkah. I was really surprised by the results. Over the last few years, I used many different skin products. From tightening, lifting, erasing wrinkles to moisturizing my skin, there is a variety of products that exist on the market. Frozen 18 by Silkah falls into a different category because of its special mix of ingredients. The product is easy to use. It comes into individual spray vials. Mixing the product is easy and fun. It makes you feel a little bit like a cosmetic scientist. I really care for my skin especially now that I am in my 40’s. I saw immediate result in the first 3 days of using Frozen 18 by Silkah. My skin absorbed the product very well. After the first few weeks, I could see week by week a few changes to the texture of my skin but also an overall improvement to the appearance of my skin. Frozen 18 by Silkah left my skin smooth along with a younger glow to my face. Unlike other products, Frozen 18 by Silkah doesn’t leave your face overly moisturized as you are going to sleep. As you spray your face with Frozen 18 by Silkah, you feel your skin gradually absorbing the moisturizing and refreshing effect. I have normal to sensitive skin and I am very sensitive to smells. The idea of spraying a liquid on my face made me a little skeptical at first. However, even though the spray could improve in its smell, the smell is not bothersome. Frozen 18 by Silkah is a unique product that gives excellent result. I am quite satisfied with the use of this product.

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