Mrs. Lin

I've been a housewife for 20 years now. My job description includes cooking in the humid summer kitchen and washing dishes with cold water in the freezing winter. It's only natural that my skin became dull and dry. In as much as I wanted to care for my skin, I usually got caught up with all the house chores and forgot to take good care of my skin. I used to buy all my skin care products from the Shopping channel. I used hand cream a lot because I was worried about having rough hands. I also bought Hyaluronic acid for wrinkles. However, these products made my skin care routine quite complicated and time-consuming. Silkah helped me get rid of all these problems. It was simple to use, and I didn’t need to apply layers upon layers of skin care products anymore. What I liked most about Silkah was the smoothness of the products. The wrinkles on my forehead and the patches that formed while I was pregnant were two things that worried me the most. My lifestyle also made the fine lines deeper. After 2 weeks of using Silkah, my skin became smoother and the fine lines reduced. I have been using the products for about two months now. Even though there are still a few wrinkles left, my skin condition is fantastic. For me, my happiest moments were when people told me I looked very young. My elementary school class reunion was coming up, and I was worried about my looks. So I made conscious efforts to care for my skin. When I showed up for the reunion, all my classmates wanted to know the magic products I was using. They just couldn’t stop complimenting my looks and great skin. I’m very confident about attending any other occasion. I'll continue to use Silkah products, it only takes a few minutes to apply plus it's easy to use and very effective. Although I’m a housewife, I enjoy taking care of my skin, and now I know the right product to do it!

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