Silkah 18 is a very good product. Since the day two of use I could feel my face skin much softer and the expression lines were reduced just after one week. The whole appearance of my face after two and three weeks looked a little younger than before and got rid of dullness, which made my skin look brighter. It did not reduce dark spots, but again, you cannot ask for miracles (haha). The way of using it is like putting a night toner after cleansing face routine. Also the way to prepare the Crystal it is not so complicated since the instructions scheme is very clear, even for foreigners. I found the small bottle very practical to travel, since I had to take it twice on the road for two weekends and it didn’t spill or break inside my purse. Last thing in favor, it did not get me any sort of rash or allergy at all, same when accidentally got a little near my eyes, the feeling wasn’t burning or unconfortable. About the disadvantages, I first found that the daily portion is a little too much, as I had to repeat the application all over my face and neck twice or three times, that made it a little annoying, in which that case I would had preferred the presentation of the product in a more emulsion or jelly texture, rather than liquid (However, for summer time in Taiwan it is actually more convenient to use lighter, fresher and liquid texture face products). Also because I had to put too much product over my face and the smell of Silkah 18 being sweet, the immediate feeling after putting it was a little sticky. I think that’s the reason why one night after using the product, I ended up with several portions of my face being stunk by mosquitoes, clarifying that in Taiwan almost all foreigners are frequently stunk by mosquitoes more than locals, but I guess the product was an extra attraction factor and not the main reason. Overall, I would recommend this product because the results of brighter, softer skin and clear reduction of fine lines is visible in such a short time, which was a great surprise to me, unlike most products in the market. As for change, I would suggest a shorter daily portion or a thicker texture if possible. The Crystal bottle is very practical and you just leave the Activator at home. In general I liked the product very much and it can be a great replacement for the nightly routine toner+hydratant, just in one product. Keep going Silkah, well done!

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