After using the Silkah Stem Cell Skin Care product Frozen 18 this past month I didn’t see the results I had initially expected. There was minimal improvement to my wrinkles and fine lines but overall I was impressed with the ease of use of this product. At first I found it to be a little intimidating because I had expected a cream of some sort, but after reading the directions I realized how simple it would be to use. Alternate beauty products might come with a range of face creams and very specific, time consuming instructions but Frozen 18 was incredibly easy to use. After applying the spray I was impressed by how hydrated and refreshed my skin felt. I would be curious to see how the Frozen 18 interacted with other products from the Silkah line. Specifically a morning cream, as I always put cream on my face in the morning and usually largely neglect skin care in the evenings, making this a different beauty regime than one I am used to. I was also initially worried about any reaction my skin might have when using Frozen 18, but there were no negative side effects. The product was very gentle and had a very neutral scent, perfect for using before bed. I did wonder why the spray was to be used before bed because sometimes I found it to be a little too refreshing, making me feel more awake than I had intended. I did also find that the spray was very light, and the dose for one day seemed to be quite a bit, because when spraying, it would often collect and run down my face before I had a chance to “pat” it in. Overall the product was easy to use and simple, but the results weren’t too extreme.

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