(After using for two weeks)
Hi, I’m Steff. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and I’m 42 years old. I do wear makeup sometimes, but mostly I focus on my skin care routine. Sadly though, the more I tried to take care of my skin condition, the more the fine lines formed, especially the deep crow’s feet and I couldn’t stop it. I had collected all sorts of anti-wrinkle products I could lay my hands on including the famous international brands because I thought they could actually solve my problem. Some of the products did work for the first few weeks, however, after some time, the lines returned and it was back to square one. They all turned out to be ineffective. Then one day, my neighbor and colleague, Joe told me he had a friend in Taiwan, who happened to develop a stem cell skin care product called Silkah all by themselves. I majored in Biology at the university, so after Joe's explanation of how the stem cell skin care process works, I immediately concluded that if there was anything that could save my skin, it would be Silkah. It was easy for me to come to that conclusion even before I used the product because I know that stem cell was excellent for repairing aging skin and it’s also the most natural, burden-free way to do so. I took a set of Silkah home and used it once every night. To my greatest surprise, I started to feel some changes just in two weeks. Skin dryness and dullness greatly reduced, my skin felt healthier. After a month of consistent use, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself. The wrinkles on my face had significantly reduced and the crow feet’s were not as deep as they were before. It just vanished and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Silkah was simple to use, and it improved my entire skin condition. I didn’t need to add extra products to enhance its effect; neither did I purchase a load of other anti-aging products to augment it. It already had all the skin care nutrition my skin needed. Silkah was just a wonderful gift for me!

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