Regenerating Moisturizer

Silkah Regenerating Moisturizer

Regenerating moisturizer contains multiple patent ingredients to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and enhance skin firmness. It replenishes the aging skin full of energy and essential nutrients, it also helps the aging skin restore a natural and healthy glow.


Promotes the SCSF absorbency.

The innovative bio-transdermal technology of Silkah in the Regenerating Moisturizer strengthens the efficiency of FROZEN 18, it protects the activity of SCSF and provides a prolonged moisturizing in the skin. Silkah Regenerating Moisturizer It contains multiple patent ingredients and utilizes bio-transdermal technology to help increase the penetration of SCSF from the outer layer of skin to the inner layer.


Silkah Frozen 18 (Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Essence) It contains more than 200 types of SCSF which effectively reconstructs and firms the sagging skin from inner skin to outer skin.

The professional formula of Silkah Regenerating Moisturizer

REFORCYL® It helps regenerate the perturbed barrier of mature skin and provides nutrition and new resistance. It shows a fivefold efficacy against the appearance of mature skin, hydration, firmness, wrinkle depth, elasticity and skin smoothness which are all markedly improved.


CELLATIVE® WHITE It has been specially developed for skin brightening. The balanced combination of vitamin B3, sulphurous extract of watercress and bioavailable zinc provides a naturally lighter complexion. It also promotes the homogeneous pigment distribution in the skin for a generally more uniform and lighter appearance.
Before applying CELLACTIVE® WHITE   VS.   After applying CELLACTIVE® WHITE


More melanin distribution   VS.   Reduced melanin distribution
AQUARICH® It is a unique extract of oats which contains water-retaining substances such as polysaccharides and amino acids. In this way the skin’s own NMF is supported. Plant-based lecithin strengthens the lamellar lipid matrix of the epidermis. The trans epidermal water loss is reduced.

Direction for use for Silkah Regenerating Moisturizer


(1)Cleanse the face and neck with pure water.


(2)Spread a small amount between the hands and smooth evenly on the face and neck in the morning and night every day.


(3)Then gently massage until the lotion is absorbed, using upward movements.




Frozen 18 utilizes the Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) which is perfectly preserved with lyophilization to initiate skin rejuvenation and freeze aging in an unimaginable way.

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regenerating moisturizer

Regenerating Moisturizer

Regenerating Moisturizer utilizes the innovative bio-transdermal technology to strengthen the efficiency of Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF). It also provides a prolonged moisturizing effect in the skin and improves the skin texture.

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revitalizing hydrating mask

Revitalizing Hydrating Mask

Revitalizing Hydrating Mask is made by a natural silk using our therapeutic formula that softens and hydrates the skin instantly. It also increases the penetration of Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) from the outer layer of skin to the inner layer.

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