Frozen 18

Frozen 18

Stem cell Secreted Factors (SCSF), the breakthrough in anti-aging ingredients, initiates skin rejuvenation and freezes aging in an unimaginable way.


The secret of youthful skin

Stem cells are the resource of all new-born cells in the human body. They are also the most important keys to initiating skin rejuvenation! The number of stem cells decreases as we age, which greatly influences the revitalizing ability of cells and results in aging phenomenon on skin. Therefore, the solution is to effectively replenish the lost number of stem cells when we are aging, providing the key to preserving youthfulness of our skin!


Frozen 18 Crystal

The CMBio protein complex α (SCSF) is perfectly preserved by the professional technique of lyophilization in Frozen 18 Crystal. It contains more than 200 types of active protein to achieve a great anti-aging result with Frozen 18 Activtor.


Frozen 18 Activator

Frozen 18 Activator utilizes the bio-transdermal technology to protect CMBIo protein complex α from inactivating and helps CMBio protein complex α penetrate through the skin barrier to achieve the great anti-aging effect in the skin.


The review of Silkah products from consumers

Using for 1-2 weeks You will find your skin has brightened and whitened, and the texture of skin has become smoother and nicer. Using for 4 weeks You can clearly find the wrinkles and pores on your skin has greatly improved, and the skin has become firmer and tighter.


Direction for the use for Silkah Frozen 18


(1)Get a pack of Frozen 18 crystal from the box, and tear open the aluminum foil package. Take out the bottle from the inside and twist open the cap.


(2)Retrieve the Frozen 18 activator from the box, shake before taking out its cap, and cut the top of the dropper.


(3)Pour the Frozen 18 activator into the bottle of Frozen 18 crystal until it fills up. Turn the cap tightly to ensure that it is locked and shake the bottle until the powder dissolves in the lotion.


(4)Lock the cap of the Frozen 18 activator until you hear a click.


(5)Spray the Frozen 18 on the face and neck at night daily, and pat gently until the essence is fully absorbed. For best results, use in combination with other Silkah skin care products.

*A 25ml Frozen 18 activator can be used in combination with 5 packs of Frozen 18 crystal, shake the Frozen 18 activator before mixing them together. *A 5ml Frozen 18 can be used for three days, each scale on the Frozen 18 crystal equates to one full day of usage. *Frozen 18 is made from active proteins extracted from stem cells. The noticeable particles are a regular phenomenon after shaking. It doesn’t influence the effect of Frozen 18. Please feel free to use it.



Frozen 18

Frozen 18 utilizes the Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) which is perfectly preserved with lyophilization to initiate skin rejuvenation and freeze aging in an unimaginable way.

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