About us

Silkah means “purity”, derived from the Finnish word “Sikka”. “Purity” is the desire to be simple and genuine. Just as the core value of Silkah is to rejuvenate aging skin and make it radiant as silk. Dr. Lee, the CTO of Silkah, has been researching stem cell immunotherapy and stem cell anti-aging application for decades. He led the Silkah R&D department to collaborate with the United State stem cell company, Cyagen Biosciences, developing the key to anti-aging, CMBio protein complex α. It works perfectly on resisting skin aging, also helps the skin revive youth and health. Silkah provides the highest quality products in order to make everyone enjoy the best stem cell anti-aging products. We guarantee you smooth skin and timeless beauty.

Stem Cell Anti-aging Technology

Steff, 44 years old, reduced crow's feet in 2 weeks.
Ela, 32 years old, smooth forehead lines in 4 weeks.
Roxanne, 45 years old, get rid of bags under eyes in 6 weeks.
Amber, 31 years old, tighten loose face skin in 3 weeks.

Why is Frozen 18 so special?

200+ kinds of natural proteins(SCSF)

SCSF-The Key to Rejuvenation

Frozen 18 contains more than 200 kinds of natural proteins which called Stem Cell-Secreted Factors(SCSF) from the stem cell. SCSF is the signal between cells on interaction, it plays an important role in regulation, activation, and restoration of cell. The quantity of SCSF greatly decreases when we age, resulting in fine-lined, wrinkles, sagged skin, spots and so on. However, we can apply the SCSF on the skin to improve the skin’s multiple aging problems.

How does SCSF work on skin?

  1. To increase the quantity of cells, and rejuvenate the cells.
  2. To repair the damaged cells in skin.
  3. To improve skin aging comprehensively and effectively.

200 nm---Liposome Technology

To help the SCSF penetrate through skin barrier perfectly.

We developed the best transdermal technology for active proteins which can help them penetrate through the skin barrier to dermal layer in the skin. In this way, the SCSF can easily react with the skin cells to develop their great anti-aging effect.

-30℃--- Freeze Drying

To obtain the best quality of the SCSF

We adopt the latest technique – Freeze Drying, the creation of a stable preparation of a biologic substance by rapid freezing and dehydration of the frozen product under high vacuum. In this way, we can obtain the best quality of the SCSF.