[:zh]FROZEN 18 抗皺緊實精萃[:en]FROZEN 18[:cn]FROZEN 18 抗皱紧实精萃[:]


Frozen 18 utilizes the Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) which is perfectly preserved with lyophilization to initiate skin rejuvenation and freeze aging in an unimaginable way.

[:zh]抗齡滋潤精華乳[:en]regenerating moisturizer[:cn]抗龄滋润精华乳[:]

Generating Moisturizer

Generating Moisturizer utilizes the innovative bio-transdermal technology to strengthen the efficiency of Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF). It also provides a prolonged moisturizing effect in the skin and improves the skin texture.

[:zh]抗齡保濕精華面膜[:en]revitalizing hydrating mask[:cn]抗龄保湿精华面膜[:]

Revitalizing Hydrating Mask

Revitalizing Hydrating Mask is made by a natural silk using our therapeutic formula that softens and hydrates the skin instantly. It also increases the penetration of Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) from the outer layer of skin to the inner layer.


Silkah Safety & Quality Assurance


SGS certification

We set quality standards for all our raw materials. Our products has been certified by SGS that no Heavy metals or Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine residues were contained in them.

COA Certificate of Analysis

The stem cells that we are using are from Cyagen Bioscience. They provide the highest standard of stem cells for the purpose of scientific research. The stem cell produced from Cyagen Bioscience have strictly and safely passed multiple inspections. This ensured our stem cell resource is safe with no side effects.